Archisketch is a scale aware sketching program that is an ideal tool for Architects, interior and product designers.
Featured in the "Best Productivity App" on the UK App store
Everything to scale

Set the drawing scale, and from that point on, everything that you draw will relate to that value.

Rotate and reposition drawing

As the world is not orthogonal, Archisketch allows you to rotate and reposition the whole drawing, or a single layer relative to the others.

Sketch out ideas

On multiple layers, sketch and develop your schemes quickly with the freehand tool and using the scaled grid, draw to dimension.

Hard line drawing

Take your drawing to the next level, by tracing over your sketches with more accurate hard lines.

Generate drawings from drawings

Use your existing drawings to generate other drawings. For example use the ground floor plan to generate the other floor plans or elevations.

3D grids

Other than the orthogonal grid, use the isometric or axonometric grids to sketch in 3D.

Export to scale

Export your drawings, zooming in or out to the desired scale, either to print and share, or to take into a CAD application, to further develop your project.

Specialised Tools  Targeting Your Needs
Smart Shapes
As you draw your shapes, relevant information, such as its dimension or angle is displayed on the screen. Additionally the thicknesses of the lines can have a scaled value and can represent wall thicknesses. With the facility of snapping to existing shapes, it is easy to sketch out quickly and accurately with Archisketch.
As designers sometimes we need to duplicate a shape along a path multiple times. For example you might be drawing a set of shelves in a cabinet or a flight of stairs. Archisketch not only allows you to duplicate a shape along a path but it will also give you the overall dimension, between the start and the end points, as well as the distance between each element.
On a layer, draw a complex object with multiple shapes and then duplicate and flip the layer to create a mirror reflection.
Use one of the predefined symbols, or from the content of a layer, create your own, which will then be available in all your projects. If you need to repeat an object multiple times, such as a window with a particular fenestration, then why don't you make a symbol of the original and place it multiple times on your drawing.
In addition to the grid you can setup guides which can be divided either equally or by a number of specific points. As points will snap to guides automatically, this simplifies setting up of drawings
As well as zooming in and out as you draw, you have the option of sizing your drawing allowing you to working on details in specific areas. Combining this with the option of setting the visibility of a layers, this gives you a powerful tool to add details to a specific part of a drawing and then show or hide it as you require.
The iPad has brought a new approach to the creative process. Archisketch brings this to the field of design and by borrowing features from CAD programs, it becomes an intuitive app for all designers. Try it for free from the App Store